Qualifications for Headmaster at AHTI franchise sister schools
Do you have a passion for training talented people?
If you have a professional medical background, have experience in aromatherapy or massage, and want to further improve yourself, come and take up the challenge.
CAMT GROUP has two schools: Canada’s EAMT and Britain’s AHTI. All headmasters of AHTI franchise schools need to obtain the EAMT accreditation. After completing training, these potential headmasters will be mentored by professional senior lecturers to establish sister schools.
We are a professional, solid and development-based international education system. Emily Hsiao, the principal of the CAMT GROUP Taiwan Aromatherapy and Massage Institute, has been promoting the Canadian International License Course in Asia for more than ten years. In 2018, she brought in the AHTI school curriculum. At present, the AHTI School in the UK is open for franchise opportunities for people in Asia who want to offer aromatherapy or massage education courses.
Qualifications for headmaster lecturer training:
1. With a passion for teaching, able to adhere to the system’s teaching quality and willing to accept training…
2. Must have CFA or TAS membership as professional aromatherapist and has attended massage courses
3. Must obtain qualifications for being sister school headmaster and lecturer, professional lecturer certification from the association
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